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I’m Tired of Shouting at the Rain

July 1, 2011

I have written before about the scourge of new designer drug’s that mimic the high of marijuana, cocaine, and hallucinogens. That does not include the prescription drugs that are over prescribed and creating addicts from the genetically willing and those in legitimate pain. To be sure, Ohio has had a response under the current...

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Bill May Shut Down Pill Mills, However There Could be a Problem

May 18, 2011

Yesterday the Ohio Senate passed a bill to closely monitor the dispensing of painkillers. In addition, there is a renewed effort to shut down pill mills and identify patients who are doctor shopping. However, the bill could have an unintended consequence. Most painkillers are opiates which are very addictive. This means the patients who...

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I Agree with Kasich for Once

April 24, 2011

For those of us who work in the addiction world, we’ve known this was coming for a long time. Unfortunately, the media and government always seem late to the party. We’ve know for at least 4 maybe 5 years that the beginnings of an opiate epidemic was under way. However, no one listened to...

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The Madrigal Maniac

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  • Charities transform lost items into gifts for needy
    Among the hats, coats and gloves donated to charities this holiday season are lots of hats, coats and gloves given, well, by accident. […]
  • Woman who stole from blind group enters diversion program
    A Westerville woman has been placed on diversion and has paid restitution for stealing more than $25,000 while working as an administrative assistant for the American Council of the Blind of Ohio. […]
  • Veteran pilot dies after crashing plane in Union County
    MARYSVILLE, Ohio — An experienced military pilot who was a veteran of combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan died yesterday after crashing his plane near the runway of the Union County Airport during an aerobatic maneuver. […]
  • Mayor’s ex-wife gets 10 days in jail
    Frankie Coleman, the ex-wife of Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman, was sentenced yesterday to 10 days in jail, fined $575 and placed on probation for three years after pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated. […]
  • Praise flows for Franklinton mission’s Pastor Joe
    The Rev. Joe Johnson was a bit irritated that The Dispatch wanted to publish a story about him. “I’m not a bragger,” he said. And, he noted, he was already in the newspaper, “about 50 years ago." Then, after consenting to an interview, the pastor scolded Inner City Ministries volunteer Jeff Baker for saying too many nice things about him. […]

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