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Republicans and Stonewalling Health Care for Ohioians

December 13, 2011
Mary Taylor

States have until June 30th to enact an insurance exchange as required by the Affordable Care Act, otherwise the federal government will do it for them. In Ohio, Democrats have been trying to gauge the efforts to implement the exchange, but have been stonewalled by Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor who heads Ohio’s Department of...

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Vice Chairwoman Throws Up on Kasich

December 6, 2011
Kay Ayers

O.K. Hopefully this will be the last in my series of Republicans throwing up on themselves nationally and in Ohio. Even I’m starting to get sick of it. But today the Vice Chairwoman of the GOP Central Committee, Kay Ayers, chastised Governor Kasich over his efforts to replace GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine. “We are...

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Jason Mauk is a Lousy Spokesperson and Kasich Agrees With Him

October 13, 2011

I’ve seen some pretty bad spokespeople, but Jason Mauk may be the worst of all and Governor John Kasich agrees with him. Mauk is the spokesperson for Building a Better Ohio, the group that supports Issue 2 (SB5). This is the organization that pirated an ad from We Are Ohio, the group that is...

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Republicans Trash a Great Grandmother’s Words

October 12, 2011

This should make all Ohioans mad as hell. As is typical of a republican led effort, the lies and distortions keep pouring in. I’m talking about SB5 and Issue 2. The Building a Better Ohio the group that supports issue 2 have taken the words of Marlene Quinn from a We Are Ohio ad...

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Too Many Lose Their Drivers License in Ohio

September 6, 2011

One out of eight drivers in Ohio are without a drivers license. Many continue to drive and have multiple offenses for operating a motor vehicle without a license. The average is 2.8 convictions per driver. Of the almost one million drivers who have a suspension, there are substantial number of drivers who have lost...

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Has the Meaning of Labor Day Changed?

September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day. When this day first became a holiday unions were a primary reason for the growth of the middle class. Now the middle class is under attack. Income inequality is at its highest rate since the depression. In Ohio, Issue 2 is an attempt to thwart a union busting bill that severely...

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Grendell Shows Lack of Knowledge Regarding Addiction

August 30, 2011
Tim Grendell

Sen. Tim Grendell, a Chesterland Republican is introducing a bill that would require any Ohioan receiving cash assistance to pay for a drug test. If clean, they would receive the assistance and be reimbursed for the drug screen. His bill mirrors a Florida law. This is one of those pieces of legislation that sounds...

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Help Repeal House Bill 194, The Voter Suppression Bill

August 20, 2011

Please sign the petition to repeal the draconian voter suppression bill 194. Sunday, August 21, 2011 2 PM – 8 PM Cornerstone Cafe 3296 North High Street, Columbus, 43202 Noon – 8 PM Kroger 910 Hebron Rd, Heath 43056 1 PM – 4 PM Licking County Democratic Party 15 W. Church, Newark 43055 1...

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Dispatch Editorial Unwittingly Proves Why SB5 Should be Repealed

August 17, 2011

Recently The Columbus Dispatch wrote an editorial titled Undue Process. The Big D’s opinion was that firing bad teachers should be easier and SB5 would accomplish that. The problem is the editorial points out more problems with SB5 than solutions. In the editorial the Dispatch gives two case scenarios where teachers, who where admittedly...

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Kasich Does Well by Corporations

July 19, 2011

Ohio Democratic party chairman Chris Redfern sent out a fundraising email today to point out how close Governor Kasich is to News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch. News Corp has been hacking the cell phones of child abuse victims, 911 victims, and bribed police. These are just the facts that Murdoch has stated are true. As...

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