The Only Person Who Has Looked Presidential is the President

November 16, 2011

The Dysfuctional GOP field

The GOP Presidential Field

I have posted previously about the lack of serious GOP presidential candidates. After watching the debate performances of the collective crop of dysfunctional and mentally unstable GOP candidates, I’m still left wondering, where are the serious GOP presidential candidates?

O.K. I admit I’m a bit of a political junkie. It’s probably somewhat odd that I actually knew what Obama’s policy towards the chaos in Libya was. So I guess you could forgive Herman Cain for being confused when asked the question about Obama’s Libyan policy. Obviously he’s not a political junkie. Except he’s running for president of the f*&king United States.

It’s clear Herman Cain doesn’t know shit about foreign policy. (FYI Sarah, I actually knew what the Bush Doctrine was as well).

I’d explain these points to both of you, but I think you should learn how to Google.

Then there’s Perry. Not withstanding the racist rock on his family’s property or his inability to remember one of the three federal departments he would disband. He want’s all foreign allies to start at zero for U.S. aid. The only problem is that would mean Israel. A country who Perry criticized Obama for not supporting enough. The next time Texans bring up the topic of succeeding from the Union, I’m willing to help kick their ass out the door.

Then there’s Paul … racist … Bachmann … narcissist … Gingrich … misogynist.

Finally, there’s Romney. But think about it. If you’re going to nominate someone who seems to be more of a centrist like an experienced Obama, wouldn’t you want the real thing?

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