This Article Broke My Heart: Real Lives, Real Pain

September 19, 2011

Bill Ricker

In this Sept. 15, 2011 photo, Bill Ricker, 74, looks out the screen door of his trailer home on a rainy day in Hartford, Maine. Ricker, who has two college degrees, has worked as an electronics repairman, a pastor and a TV cameraman. He and his first wife had seven children. Now he receives food stamps and heating fuel assistance and gets donations from a local food pantry. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

There is an Associated Press article by David Crary called “Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain,” that puts a face to the middle class American’s the republican party is killing. It is heartbreaking.

Associated Press reporters around the country went looking for the people behind the numbers. They were not hard to find.

It tells the story of regular middle class American’s who have fallen into poverty through no fault of their own. One in six American’s now live in poverty. These are the people who the tea party would let die because they did not have health insurance. These are the people who many republicans believe are just too lazy to work.

Here is the story of one family.

About 75 miles away, in the Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, dozens of families lined up patiently outside the Willow Creek Care Center as truckloads of food for the poor were unloaded.

Among those waiting was Kris Fallon of nearby Palatine, mother of a teen and an infant, who hitched a ride with a friend.

She recounted how she and her husband — once earning nearly $100,000 a year between the two of them— lost their jobs, forcing them to move from their rented home into an apartment and give up their car.

“We fight a lot because of the situation,” she said. “We wonder where we are going to come up with money to pay rent, where we are going to get food, formula for the baby.”

She began to cry.

“I never understood why there were so many food pantries and why people couldn’t just get on their feet and get going, but now that I’m in it, I fully understand,” she said. “I sometimes feel like I am a loser … I have never been unemployed and I never thought I would be going through this, ever.”

Her husband, Jim, 43, said he’s looked for jobs all over the country in the past two years, and just accepted an offer of a three-month stint in Paducah, Ky., on a hotel reconstruction project.

“Leaving for a job out of state for three months is what I have to do,” he said. “It’s terrible but it’s our reality … I guess this is the new America.”

Yet the republicans don’t want to pass Obama’s job’s plan. They want their own plan which has been the same for 40 years. Less government regulation and less taxes especially on the rich which will let the wealth will trickle down. I have a question for the republicans, where’s the trickle?

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