I Agree with Kasich for Once

April 24, 2011

For those of us who work in the addiction world, we’ve known this was coming for a long time. Unfortunately, the media and government always seem late to the party. We’ve know for at least 4 maybe 5 years that the beginnings of an opiate epidemic was under way. However, no one listened to us.

Many of the people now addicted to opiates originally started on prescription medications for a legitimate pain issue. However, they often take more than prescribed and when they run out they get sick. Really sick. They will then buy them off the street which is expensive until one day they are introduced to the grand-daddy of opiates, heroin. Heroin is cheap, easy to find, and it’s a more intense high.

Most of these people would not consider themselves drug addicts, but they are. They will say, “These are prescribed by a doctor and they say take as needed.” It never occurs to them that they are seeing three different doctors to get the pills and it requires more and more pills not to get sick. At some point, many will realize they have become addicted.

Enter Dr. James Edgar Lundeen Sr and those of his ilk. While Dr. Lundeen may be a nice guy, he keeps scant records, sees patients only for a short time, and prescribes the second highest number of the pain pills in the state. No wonder his patients love him. He gives them what they want. Though some might like to argue otherwise, Dr. Lundeen is a drug dealer.

This is where I agree with Kasich.

When Kasich said he intends to “drive the devil out of this state,” he was not referring specifically to Lundeen. However, he clearly was when, shortly after the raids, he publicly urged the State Medical Board to take action against the doctor.

“This guy’s still practicing medicine. Suspend the guy for probable cause. … Either we’re serious about this, or we’re not,” the governor said.

Of course since this is King Kasich, I worry that he will use episodes like this to further cut medicaid spending. People like Dr. Lundeen state his patients need him. But his actions of fraud may help bring down the system and thus hurt Ohioans truly in need.

Ohio now has more deaths due to overdose that car accidents. Are people now in more pain than in the past or are they just driving safer? I suspect neither. It is probably due to pill pushing doctor’s who are trying to make a quick buck at the expense of their unsuspecting patients.

Pain-clinic doctor unfazed by raids

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2 Responses to I Agree with Kasich for Once

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    Michael P.No Gravatar says:

    Well written article MM…I agree completely. When will the world wake up and see these types of doctors for what they are…pushers? And a major part of the prescription drug addiction epidemic. I know…because I was a doctor shopper myself and knew just WHO to see for what I wanted.

    ‘Pusher’ Lundeen is only one of thousands of doctors that are doing the very same thing; with one objective…more patients, fast visits (people want it fast), MORE MONEY!…Bottom line!
    Congress is working on a better tracking system for ‘doctor shoppers’ and the last time I tried doing it…the game was over because of some of the new safeguards that are already in place for controlled substances.

    I hope doctors either wake up or the medical board takes the necessary action. Thanks again…and best wishes my friend.

  2. 2

    Thanks for commenting Mike. Your personal experiences always bring illumination and integrity to the topic at hand.

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