Kasich Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

April 19, 2011

I’m not sure Governor John Kasich even knows what he is saying anymore. Like most republicans he has the GOP talking points engraved into his DNA. However, sometimes he says something that appears to be off script. If a staff member wrote it, Kasich should probably find him another job, if he didn’t, I bet the staff cringes every time he goes “King Kasich” on them.

At yet another press conference to tout his first 100 days in office, Kasich said the following,

“You know, when I go to Bob Evans and I see a woman working in there who doesn’t have any pension, and I don’t even know that she has health care benefits, and if she does they’re shabby, at best, to think we’re asking public workers to do a little bit more, people who have guaranteed benefits and people who are not paying very much for their health care, and to ask them to a little bit more to provide balance to that mom who is trying to educate her kids, it’s fairness.”

So the reason he is ending collective bargaining for public employees is because of fairness. Wait a minute Johnny, that’s how they received the benefits in the first place, by bargaining for them. If you’re really worried about the fairness middle class workers receive, it looks like we should have more collective bargaining not less.

In addition, it says the restaurant worker has lousy health care, but your against Obama‘s health care initiative. You say we are asking public employees to do a little more. As a social worker I work in the lowest paid most stressful field in America according to CNN. I respect the employees at Bob Evans and hope one day they will be able to bargain for what is really fair. However, I’m not just makin’ breakfast. I should make a little more. Instead of gutting the rights of social workers and Bob Evans employees, how about asking the rich to do a little more by raising their taxes instead of following the republican DNA and lowering them.

Moreover, here are the benefits an hourly employee at Bob Evans receives,

* Competitive Wages
* Weekly Paychecks
* Half price meals while working
* Service Awards
* Voluntary Life Insurance
* Education Leaves and Location Transfers
* 401(k) and 401(a) Retirement Plans
* Health Insurance Option
* Meal discounts at both Bob Evans and Mimi’s Cafe while not working
* Paid Holidays and Vacations
* Christmas Bonuses
* Dental Insurance

Hardly shabby governor, unless we’re comparing their benefits to yours. At least they’re makin’ breakfast, you’re just making a mess.

Kasich comments on “shabby” benefits at Bob Evans
Bob Evans Benefits
CNN Reports Social Work is the Most Stressful Overworked and Underpaid Job

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    Doral, thanks for the video. I have enjoyed your work in the photo-journalism world and the online video’s as well. Your work in Africa has been outstanding and I hope more people will see it.


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