Kasich’s Plan to Sell Ohio’s Government and Violate the Constitution

April 17, 2011

Governor Kasich has been running around the state on his taxpayer funded plane to trumpet the success of his ability to keep jobs in Ohio. However, many people believe these jobs were never going to leave Ohio and that Kasich gave them incentives to stay when none were needed. This besides the fact that I’m sure he was elected to create jobs and not merely keep the ones Ohio already has.

Evidently, he has accomplished this without the help of the Department of Development or JobsOhio which is Kasich‘s baby.

In fact, some legislators are questioning the need for JobsOhio as it currently is configured.

“I can assure you it will not be passed through the House as is currently proposed, but it is a starting point we are trying to build on,” said Rep. Ron Amstutz, R-Wooster, chairman of the House Finance Committee.

Even republicans who control the General Assembly are looking to change the program.

Governor Kasich‘s wants,

[He] contends that a privatized development agency not beholden to government rules (including the state’s open-records laws) could respond more quickly to fend off other states trying to lure Ohio‘s businesses away. The nonprofit corporation’s “board of directors” or “any committee thereof” or “any subsidiary” would be exempt from Ohio‘s open records law, under the bill, known as House Bill 1.

Apparently according to his own speeches he can do that himself. But it also appears he wants to ignore the constitution. Some republicans agree.

Sen. Timothy J. Grendell, R-Chesterland,

He said it violates the Constitution‘s prohibition against investing public money in private companies, lacks clarity on what should happen to the liquor revenue stream if JobsOhio fails…

The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes,

Setting up the eight member nonprofit board to perform the duties of the state Department of Development was one of the central ideas of Gov. John Kasich during his successful bid for governor against Ted Strickland. He would appoint the entire board.

So Governor John Kasich‘s entire reason for JobsOhio is to circumvent the constitution, downgrade the Department of Development, and give himself 100 million dollars to distribute through individuals that he appointed.

It’s clear to me that the Department of Development will either be non-existent under a Kasich administration or be asked to do almost nothing. The department has managed the Third Frontier, a program that is wildly popular to democrats and republicans, and is accountable to the citizen’s of Ohio. It operates in the open. JobsOhio is a slick way for Kasich to privatize the government’s business without being held to the scrutiny of the electorate. Nice job King Kasich.

Is state’s jobs entity really needed?
Welcome to the Department of Development
Gov. John Kasich’s nonprofit JobsOhio board would operate in private

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