Adam Foote, Good Riddance for the Second Time

Today, Colorado Avalanche defenseman Adam Foote announced his retirement from the NHL after 19 years. For at least three of those years he was a classless bum while he played for the Columbus Blue Jackets. He even started to become the face of the franchise over Rick Nash making numerous commercials with his wife. He’s not good enough to carry Nash’s equipment, mostly because he’d give the equipment away like he did so many pucks in the defensive end.
adamfoote2 300x225 Adam Foote, Good Riddance for the Second Time
But what really made him a bum is what he did to the Blue Jacket’s off the ice. The Jackets had been a losing franchise and he wanted out. The Blue Jacket’s wanted him to stay, but he asked for 4 million. Way too much for an aging superstar. The Blue Jackets offered 3 million, still no. He wanted back in Colorado and a rumor spread they were already stitching his name on an Avalanche Jersey before the deal was made. Way to wear the “C” on your chest and be there for your teammates. Moreover, He even hinted that if he didn’t get the deal he wanted he might not play at full speed, which it turns out is very little speed at all. By the end of the season he was gone.

Not surprisingly, the next year the Blue Jackets had 96 points and made the playoffs, the Avalanche had 69 points and did not. Whenever the Avalanche came to Columbus, Foote never played. He always had some sort of injury that lasted one game. So let’s add gutless to the resume’. In the end what we have is a hockey player who is a bum, overrated, gutless, and selfish. Good riddance Adam Foote. Now you can go into coaching and teach others the best way to give away a puck.

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