Let’s Read Between the Lines

April 3, 2011

There is an article in The Columbus Dispatch detailing the emails Governor Kasich has received on SB5.  Let’s see if we can read between the lines to decipher what the respondents, Kasich, and Kasich‘s staff actually meant.

To relay her disgust over Senate Bill 5 to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Bexley teacher Deborah Forsblom asked him in an email, “Are we living in the year 1930 or 2011?”
“When I read the proposal for Senate Bill 5, I could just hear Woody Guthrie singing to help laborers have the courage to stand up for their right to have a union,” she added.

The answer is the 1930′s. Like most conservative politicians, including Reagan, Kasich lives in a time gone by like the 1930′s. Well except for the Depression. And the treatment of the working poor. No sorry, he liked that.

David Gannon, who lives near Canton, emailed the governor to say, “Your misreading of the will of the people of Ohio in your election is difficult to comprehend. You were elected to help create jobs and to reduce the financial deficit. You were not elected to eliminate unions, destroy public education, and sell off the assets of the state of Ohio to private businesses.”

Sorry David, but you made the classic voter mistake. You thought he meant what he said in the campaign. The fact is, with the number of Republican Governors trying to get rid of unions, teachers, and sell off their states public interests to private industry, this has to be something they talked about in the back room before the election. They just waited to get elected to give us the bad news.

[ Editor's Note] We could find no evidence that while in the back room Kasich tried to pinch Governor Walker‘s ass while high on vodka and cigars.

The breakdown: 16 percent in favor, 84percent against, according to a Dispatch analysis of more than 14,000 emails obtained through a public-records request.

Kasich was heard complaining to his staff, “you guys told me it wouldn’t be this bad. Hell, Walker of Wisconsin looks better than I do and that Jon Stewart is killing me… Now he is kind of cute and funny.”

He then proceeded to call his entire staff idiots, as well as teachers, the police were idiots for the second time, Woody Guthrie, and the Pope were also idiots.

… even without the self-identified public workers, the Senate bill was still opposed by 57 percent of those who emailed Kasich.

And dozens of those who backed the anti-union law are from out of state, with several remarking that they had seen Kasich on Fox News.

Shit said Kasich. We couldn’t find enough Ohioans who liked the damn bill so we had to outsource it to other states. At least this proves I look good on T.V.

Kasich press secretary Rob Nichols indicated that the governor’s emails show that Kasich is prepared to govern by his own convictions and does not stand alone in his beliefs.

Nichols thinks, six figure salary my ass. My boss is the idiot.

“I really think that people want change, but they’re not sure what it should look like,” Kasich said.”

Privately Kasich tells Nichols, “Rob I think 84% of the voters do know what change should look like. They want to throw my ass out of here in four years.

Gov. John Kasich “has a very good understanding of what we are hearing” on Senate Bill 5, a spokesman says.

The spokesman laments, I understand what I’m hearing. I’d better update my resume’.

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    Mike P.No Gravatar says:

    According to news reports Ohio Gov. John Kasich apologized Thursday to the police officer he called an “idiot” during a speech last month.

    The governor met briefly at his office with Officer Rob Barrett, extending an apology to him and to law enforcement as a whole for his comments, according to WCMH-TV, the NBC affiliate in Columbus.

    Kasich “apologized for using the term and said it was a wrong choice of words and a bad example,” said Jim Gilbert, head of Columbus police union, who was also in the meeting. “The governor looked at me and apologized and said that he holds law enforcement in high regard.”
    So he’s obviously a stand-up-man…Right??? I mean after all, he IS the Governor of Ohio. Go Buckeyes!!!

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