Teachers Use Blogs to Teach Writing

March 27, 2011

I’m still up here in the frozen tundra. It has been fun to see another part of the country and to see the differences between Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ohio. In Minnesota you can make a U-Turn unless it specifically states you cannot. It’s the opposite in the land that I come from. There are two things that Wisconsin and Ohio have in common, their “dickish’ governors according to The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. First, both want to end collective bargaining for public employees. Second, both want to slash funding for education. Governor Walker of Wisconsin has proposed 1.7 billion in spending cuts for education in the next two year budget. Ohio Governor John Kasich has asked for a cut of 3.1 billion.

What these two governors are actually doing is playing politics with children’s lives. The teachers unions as well as the public employees tend to vote for democratic candidates. So in an effort to punish these unions, they aim to thin their ranks, thus making it difficult for children to get the education they need. Especially in poorer school districts.

It’s not surprising that democratic Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota has found a new approach.

Gov. Mark Dayton has signed a bill to bring Minnesota’s tax system into line with federal tax changes made in 2010 and guarantee about $13 million in state tax reductions to Minnesotans.

The action by Dayton and state lawmakers from both parties who passed the bill extends the income exclusion for health insurance to benefits for adult children up to age 26. It also provides state income tax deductions for higher education tuition expenses, classroom expenses for teachers, and deductions to Minnesota businesses for their charitable contributions of used computers.

Here is an example of an innovative program that might have been cut under Wisconsin and Ohio‘s leadership. In Minnesota, teachers are using blogs to teach writing. Students are not allowed to use OMG’s and LOL’s, but must use correct writing techniques. The teachers have taken what had been a boring subject and made it exciting.

The students have caused an Ohioan to crave Culver Ice Cream, they received a rave review from Nottingham, England, and have spoken to a National Geographic freelancer on Twitter. He sent back a video greeting from the Great Barrier Reef.

Moreover their reading and writing skills are improving.

One teacher reported,

“They see themselves as writers — real writers.”

The teachers use a program called Kidblog.org to keep control of the projects. It was developed by teachers for teachers.

Sadly, some politicians are not forward thinkers. They protect the status quo and think only of their benefactors, the rich, while destroying the middle class and the poor. Maybe someone should blog about that.

They’re learning to write

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    Bill C.No Gravatar says:

    I agree with this article, it inspires kids and really builds confidence in their writing.

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