If Levy Passes Yard Waste Pickup Will Be Free Again

For background information I have posted about the yard waste issue here and the possible trash collection fee here.

In an online chat with The Columbus Dispatch Mayor Coleman said that if the .5 percent increase in the income tax is passed, the free yard waste pickup program will be restored. It ended on January 31, 2009 and was replaced by a $99 a year fee. In addition, the mayor said that he would no longer consider a fee for regular trash collection.

Two good reasons to vote for the levy. If passed the levy would cost a person making $30,000 a year an extra $150. Not much when you consider it will allow needed city resources to continue, will save jobs such as firefighters and police, and it will restore programs like free yard waste pickup that have been cut.

  • http://manwiththemuckrake.blogspot.com/ mud_rake

    Composting of yard waste seems to be such a more intelligent solution to the problem. How many European cities, for example, do you suppose accept ‘yard waste’ in their landfills?

  • http://www.madrigalmaniac.com/ Madrigal Maniac


    I’m guessing zero. I agree that composting is a more intelligent solution and the city does encourage home composting on their web site.

    My understanding is that Rumpke, the company the city contracts with, does use composting and does not put yard waste into a landfill. In addition, there are also 9 private compost sites around the city where residents can drop off their yard waste for free.