Plan for Helping Blue Jackets Involves Wigs, Maracas, and a Psychic

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As every Columbus sports fan painstakingly knows, the Blue Jackets have never made the NHL playoffs in their seven years of existence. Doug McIntyre owner of Cult Marketing and radical Blue Jackets fan thinks he knows why. The Blue Jackets are cursed. He believes this curse either stems from the fact that Nationwide Arena sits on the site of the old Ohio Penitentiary or that during construction of the arena a pane of glass was broken resulting in seven years of bad luck. Personally, I think it’s the curse of Doug MacLean. Regardless, McIntyre has a plan. He hired a psychic to cleanse the arena of bad karma and put holy water in the Zamboni. For dealing with the curse during games, he suggests fans wear blue wigs and use specially painted maracas to “shake the curse.”

Of course, this is all just silly.

I can’t believe someone thought of this. It may be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard of… Two things… One, I hope no one takes a picture of me wearing a blue wig while shaking a maraca and screaming “shake the curse…” Two, I hope it works!

The Other Paper has an article plus videos about “shaking the curse” here. You can find instructions on making your own painted maraca and where to buy your wig at

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One Response to “Plan for Helping Blue Jackets Involves Wigs, Maracas, and a Psychic”

  1. herman on January 14th, 2009 11:16 pm

    Curse of The Blue Jackets.

    Ohio is rich with legends of ghosts or spirits who haunt places and events. For example, the Indian Chief of the Wyandot tribe named SOU-CHA-ET-ESS, was known as Chief Leatherlips by white settlers because he was always true to his word. As legend has it, when Murfield Village was built on the burial grounds of The Wyandot Indians, it angered the chief and he placed a curse on the golf course that makes it rain during The Memorial Tournament every year.

    As most Jacket fans know, the old Ohio Pen was razed to make way for the Arena District and in particular, The Columbus Blue Jackets and Nationwide Arena. I have talked to employees of the Ice Haus and Nationwide Arena who have told stories of seeing things they could not explain, and hearing strange noises late at night after everyone had gone home. This makes for some interesting campfire stories, but could there be a real curse on The Blue Jackets?

    I’d heard of a couple different myths that centered on The Jackets and the fact that our opponents seem score most of their goals at the end of the game or at the end of any period.

    The first one goes that an inmate was scheduled to be executed and while in the chair, was granted a governors pardon. Three minutes before they threw the switch, the governor called but the guard did not answer the phone because he wanted the man to die. The inmate was executed and now haunts Nationwide Arena, helping the opponents score any time there is 3 minutes or less left in any period. While it sounds like a good story, no real names dates or facts can be found to substantiate the tale.

    The second story has some merit, as there are facts that check out. In 1920 there was a tragic fire that took the lives of 322 inmates. Some reports indicate that the guards held the prisoners in their cells for about 5 minuets too long, trying to teach them a lesson, as the fire was started as a diversion to an escape attempt. Now every time the clock hits five minuets, the tortured spirits of the inmates help our opponents score to defeat The Jackets. If you believe in spirits and curses, this one sounds as good as any.

    While I like these stories, in doing some research on them, I found another angle.

    The Ohio Pen had been executing inmates since 1885 but one execution in particular stood out from all the rest. On October 7, 1904 inmate number 34944, Albert Fisher, became the 19th person to be executed in the electric chair here in Columbus. In the late 1890’s the prosecuting attorney here in Franklin County worked hard to make sure Albert Fisher was sentenced to death. While Albert was on death row, he was not executed right away. It was not until 1900 when the former prosecuting attorney became Governor, that a date was set and his sentence of execution would be enforced.

    Now if you fill in some blanks, it gets kind of creepy. October 7th 2000 was our first official home game at Nationwide Arena. (Lost to Chicago 5-3) Before becoming prosecuting attorney, the governor was in the Union Army. You guessed it, he was a real life Blue Jacket. Care to take a stab at his name? How about Governor George K.Nash, Ohio’s 42nd Governor? He had to defeat John R. Mclean to become governor. (I know the spelling is different but still kind of eerie.) Add up the 19th electrocution with the 42nd Governor and you get 61. Strange huh? Although Nash died on October 28th 1904, eight months after leaving office, he was instrumental in the execution of Albert Fisher.

    With all the talent on The Blue Jackets, you have to wonder why we can’t win more games. Could Albert Fisher be our problem? Could he be haunting our team to get back at former governor and Blue Jacket George Nash? If it is true, how do we get rid of the curse? Should we have an Albert Fisher night at the Arena? I’m ready to try anything to get our boys a few W’s.

    I started doing the research to debunk the urban legends and may have stumbled onto something. Hey, if The Boston Red Sox can have a curse, why cant we? You be the judge.

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