TWC plus Comcast bad for consumers

Time Warner and Comcast Merger is a Bad Deal for Consumers

TWC plus Comcast bad for consumersIn an ideal world capitalism would create wealth for everyone and be a great finfcial model for a country to improve the lives of its citizens. However we don’t live in the ideal world, we live in the real one. Too often unfettered capitalism creates winners and losers and the gap between the two is getting wider. This in an email I received from President Robert D. Marcus Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner Cable regarding the merger with Comcast.

“Above all, this merger will benefit you, our customers. Our two companies have been behind many of the innovative services that you enjoy every day—digital cable TV, high-speed Internet, DVRs, Video On Demand and WiFi in the home and on-the-go—to name just a few. The combined company will innovate faster and deploy even better products and features, including a superior video guide, faster Broadband Internet speeds and even more WiFi access points so you can access the Internet wherever you go.”

If the TWO companies were responsible for all of this innovation, why not leave them alone? In fact, these technical advancements came as a result of the competition between the TWO. A merger will only lead to less innovation and higher prices for the consumer as the choices for quality cable entertainment become less and less.

This is an example of why non-regulated capitalism leads to corporate profit growth and personal stagnation.

While there are some who feel the merger will benefit customers, most do not. Forbes says,

“…the deal will make video programming delivery even less responsive to legitimate consumer interests. The reason is that a vertically integrated company such as Comcast stifles the highly beneficial and naturally occurring competition between distributors and programmers. This vertical competition, often ignored or undervalued by economists and enforcers, is vital to ensuring that the system remains competitive.”

Others argue the deal does not even follow the government’s own guidelines for approving a merger. New York Magazine states the following,

“Basically, what all this complicated math boils down to is this: If the government evaluates the Comcast bid for Time Warner Cable using the same standards it used on the AT&T—T-Mobile deal, there’s simply no way the merger should be allowed to happen.”

This is from the lawsuit against the AT&T T-Mobile merger.

“AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low-priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market Thus, unless this acquisition is enjoined, customers of mobile wireless telecommunications services likely will face higher prices, less product variety and innovation, and poorer quality services due to reduced incentives to invest than would exist absent the merger.”

If this was the government’s position on the AT&T and T-Mobile merger what has changed in this merger attempt. The answer is the stakes are higher because Time Warner and Comcast are the two biggest providers in the market.

The evidence shows that this deal is bad for consumer pricing, competition, innovation, service, and violates the governments own antitrust laws. The only people who benefit from this merger are the people who stand to directly reap financial gain by merging the two companies. Stand up and say “NO” to the Time Warner and Comcast merger.

Marian Gaborik

Blue Jackets Trade Marian Gaborik to L.A. Kings.

GaborikThe Los Angeles Kings needed a scorer and the Columbus Blue Jackets had one available. So at the trade deadline the Kings gave the Blue Jackets Matt Frattin and a couple of draft picks for Marian Gaborik. It’s sounds like a natural move by both teams that was bound to happen.

In 2012 the Kings received Jeff Carter from the Jackets and went on to the win the Stanley Cup. For the Kings it appears not much has changed since then, they have an airtight defense and great goaltending. However, their offence has been anemic. They are hoping the acquisition of Gaborik brings similar results in 2014.

It appears that Gaborik was never going to stay with the Blue Jackets. From the Jackets G.M.,

Twitter   BlueJacketsNHL   CBJ Kekalainen on Gaborik  ...

It appears that the trade was more helpful for the Blue Jackets. They get rid of a player who did not play their style of hockey and had been hampered by injuries for one NHL’er and two draft picks. In addition, he was probably gone after this year anyway. Frattin will bring needed depth to the forward position. The Kings will get a proven scorer who should help their offense if healthy. But is he enough to bring the Kings another Cup, probably not.

Moreover, the Blue Jackets picked up defenseman Nick Schultz from the Edmonton Oilers. With Ryan Murray injured he will bring a solid style to the team. This will be important as the Jackets cannot go into the stretch run short on defensemen.

Overall, it looks like the Columbus Blue Jackets made some moves at the tradeline that will help solidify the team and help in their quest of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Currently, they are in the playoffs with a wild card spot at 69 points and a big game tomorrow night with the Chicago Blackhawks.


GOP Attacks Democrats by Trying to Destroy the Internet

InternetI began online communications using the old Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and later went to the private Compuserve network, the first online service of it’s kind. So I’ve been around online communications before the days of the internet. In the old days of online communication and in the beginning of the Internet, communications had a personal feel. It was not unusual to have conversations with those who were shaping the future of what it meant to be online. These conversations made you feel as if you were part of a community and it would not occur to you that someone may have nefarious motives. However, once the medium began to grow greed entered the picture and the idea of a friendly community became a relic of the past. Certainly recent actions by the Republican party have continued this downward spiral and contributed to decline of the Internet.

We hear a lot lately about net neutrality. It is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication (Source: Wikipedia, Net neutrality). The worry of many Internet users is that providers will begin charging higher rates for more bandwidth or the type of content a user views. The major opponents of net neutrality are hardware companies, members of the cable and telecommunications industries, and several conservative and libertarian think tanks. This of course meshes nicely with the goals of the GOP.

So how did the GOP attempt to attack Democrats by helping to destroy the Internet? By taking their opposition to net neutrality in a direction that will help destroy the backbone of the Internet, the inherent belief that others on the Internet will act in a manner benefiting society.

Here is an example that proves my point. The Republicans are trying to get out their message by creating pseudo Democratic websites. The National Republican National Committee (NRCC) bought up hundreds of URLs on potential weak Democratic candidates and created sites that mimic the real ones (Source: CNN). Daniel Scarpinato, the NRCC’s press secretary said, “It may sound deceiving, but Scarpinato insists the well-thought out, well-planned program is pure genius.” If it sounds deceiving, it’s because it is.

John Lewis is a Democrat who has been targeted by the Republicans with a website at Here’s what it says about Lewis.

John Lewis is bad for Montana:

After more than a decade working under Baucus, John Lewis has pocketed over $568,000 of taxpayers’ money

Lewis has been laying the groundwork for his campaign by visiting every county in Montana on the taxpayers’ dime

Lewis has spent nearly 12 years working under Baucus and was a top aide to the “chief architect” of Obamcare

It doesn’t take a genius to deceive the public in this manner, it takes a con-man.

So what is the GOP’s endgame? I believe destroying the Internet as we know it will help the contributors to the Republican party who show little benevolence and only answer to greed. By destroying the basic trust of Internet users, the GOP can create a lawless enclave with which to practice their ongoing efforts to ignore the truth. The simple fact is they have to operate this way. When the truth is known, people will vote for Democrats. So the little community that started a revolution continues to fight against the beast that lives among us. Keep working for Democratic causes including saving the Internet for all to use.

Mental Health Needs Unmet

Mental Health Needs go Unmet (Video)

MentalHealthIf you talk to anyone who works in the mental health system, they will tell you they are sick and tired of those people who say we need more help for the mentally ill. It sounds good, but these people never pull out their wallets when it comes time to pay for needed services. What these health care professionals would like to shout is “show me the money.” The fact is, until the actions of Americans match their words, people with treatable mental illness will continue to go untreated.

There was no better example of this than a story that appeared on 60 Minutes. Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds was stabbed by his son who was in the middle of a mental health crisis. Deeds had tried to find a hospital bed for his son the night before the stabbing because he knew he was a danger to himself or others. Despite the fact he was a state senator, there were no mental health beds available for his obviously disturbed son. On his way to the hospital Deeds received word that his son had killed himself. Here is a clip from 60 Minutes.

As often happens, people including politicians do not realize the severity of a problem until it happens to them or someone they love. To his credit, Deeds has become a tireless supporter of those who need mental health treatment.

Yet there are others who still have not seen the light. When John Elway was recently asked why he was a Republican he said, “Well, it goes to what my beliefs are,” Elway said. “I believe that we’re giving the opportunity to succeed or not succeed. I don’t believe in safety nets…”

Where was Gus Deeds opportunity to succeed? If there had been a safety net the night his father searched for a psychiatric ward, Gus may have had a chance to get well and realize his potential. Sadly, that was not the case.

In Maine there is an attempt to have EMS and other health care workers have access to Naltrexone, a medication that can help save the life of someone overdosing on opiates like Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Heroin. Amazingly, Republican Governor Paul LePage is against the program because he believes it will make drug addicts feel invincible. As his own public health officer says, there is no evidence that supports this conclusion. His belief is born out of ignorance.

Many people consider addiction a personal weakness or moral defect because they believe an addict can simply stop. However, like other diseases you can’t just stop much like you can’t stop having cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. These all have periods of remission which unfortunately are often followed by periods of relapse. The more we learn about the brain the more we know that addiction is a brain disease. People who don’t have it can’t understand because their brain works differently.

It’s so easy to prove on a simplistic level that an addict doesn’t have a weakness. Truly addicted people live horrible lives shrouded in fear, guilt, and loneliness. If they could just stop, wouldn’t they? How does the person who believes it’s a weakness or moral failure account for the addicts who with help get sober and become upright moral citizens? Is it possible that their morals became corrupted due to their disease and not because of some inner need to become immoral.

When a person is ill with a mental health issue or an addiction (which is a mental illness), they need help. They need a safety net. Republicans should be all for that since treatment is far cheaper than emergency room visits and incarcerations. However, mental health needs still go unmet. From 2009 to 2011 states reduced mental health funds by 1.6 billion dollars. Already, only half of the people needing mental health services receive them.

It’s time for America to act. Only through electing politicians who are concerned with the betterment of all people and not just the able bodied and wealthy will we be able to stand tall as a nation. A country is not judged on how well it treats it’s healthiest citizens, but on how it treats those citizens in need.


Third Jersey

Blue Jackets Start Road Trip with a Big Win (Video)

Third Jersey

Bobrovsky wearing Third Jersey

After going 11 and 4 in the month of January, The Columbus Blue Jackets started out February on a high note. They traveled to Anaheim to play the Ducks who are the best team in the NHL. They have only lost three games at home and it was the first game on a long road trip for the Jackets. All signs pointed to a possible loss.

But as the coach of the Ducks Bruce Boudreau said,

“It all boils down to will and want, and they wanted it a lot more than us. You could see it on the loose pucks. They were getting them and we weren’t. And anytime there was a 1-on-1 confrontation, I didn’t see us winning the battles. That’s a pure indicator, to me, that we didn’t have a sense of urgency.”

The win solidifies the Jackets hold on third place in the Metropolitan Division and currently has them facing the Rangers in the playoffs. However, the Blue Jackets will need to keep up their hard charging game. There are a lot of teams around them who are just a few points behind. If they have any sort of downturn in their play it could make their playoff dreams disappear.


  • Johansen won all six faceoffs he took in the first period
  • Bobrovsky is on fire. He has only given up five goals in the last three games and has a 2.53% goals per game average.
  • According to coach Todd Richards, Boone Jenner “…was a forechecking machine tonight and was, generally speaking, a disturbance in the Force.”

    Here’ video highlights from the game:

  • Columbus is a "Secret Foodie" city.

    Columbus Named “Secret Foodie” City by Forbes

    Columbus is a "Secret Foodie" city.Forbes Travel Guide has named Columbus, Ohio as one of five secret foodie cities. The others are Minneapolis MN, Little Rock AK, Boulder CO, and Ashville NC. Here’s what Forbes said about Columbus.

    Known more for its businesses than its food, Columbus is quickly transforming that reputation, particularly in the Short North Arts District near downtown. Last year, restaurateur Cameron Mitchell opened The Pearl, an oyster bar and gastropub serving classic cocktails such as the barrel-aged Manhattan and a stout list of entrées such as ricotta dumplings with acorn squash, toasted walnuts, crispy kale and crimini mushrooms. The nearby, and more established, North Market offers locals and tourists a European-style, indoor food vendor market, where the James Beard Award winner for best baking and desserts book in 2012, Jeni Britton Bauer, got her start churning splendid, full butterfat treats that can be savored today at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. And don’t miss James Beard Award semi-finalist for Best Chef: Great Lakes in 2012 Kent Rigsby’s delectable oysters diavalo at Rigsby’s Kitchen. This Italian-American treasure served with Tabasco cream and crispy eggplant will leave you licking the bowl.

    Anybody who has been to the Short North knows what a treasure it is. The eclectic shops, art galleries, and eateries make it a joy to get out of your car and just walk. Of course, the gallery hop is one hell of a party on the first Saturday of every month.

    While I haven’t been to The Pearl, I’ve been to other Cameron Mitchell’s restaurants and the name means quality, taste, and ambiance in Columbus dining. Other Mitchell eateries include the Cap City Fine Diner & Bar, Marcella’s, M restaurant, Martini Modern Italian, and Cameron’s American Bistro.

    Jeni’s Ice Cream is a Columbus favorite. You’ll get some argument from fans of Graeter’s Ice Cream, but many feel Jeni’s is the best in Columbus. This from Jeni’s web site.

    Jeni opened Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in 2002 in Columbus, Ohio’s North Market. Her ice creams have been praised by Time (“America’s best”), Cooking Light (“deadly delicious”), and Saveur (“revolutionary”), while Food & Wine stated, “No one makes ice cream like Jeni Britton Bauer.”

    Rigsby’s Kitchen has been a Columbus go to destination for over 20 years. Here’s what Zagat had to say.

    Synonymous with the resurgence of the Short North, this “cutting-edge” Northern Italian stalwart – a “chic” hangout attracting a “power crowd” – helped “change the Columbus food scene” over two decades ago and remains “remarkable” for its “exciting” cuisine, smartly curated “Italo-centric” wine list and “snazzy” “SoHo” vibe; with “professional” service completing the picture, many say it’s “still the king.”

    The North Market is simply a blast to visit. From the numerous merchants, to the smells of fresh food , and the live music playing out front, the North Market has to be seen to be believed. Here is a review from a North Market fan.

    This is one of those places that really just needs no explanation. Just go there. If you haven’t been to the North Market, you are missing out on some of Columbus’ finest establishments, all wrapped up inside one building!

    It’s great to see Columbus finally get recognition for the outstanding dining experiences one can have. While most of us who live here have known about the great food that is prepared here, it’s nice to let the rest of the country in on the secret. As the restaurant scene in Columbus continues to grow, our status as a “secret foodie” city will no longer be a secret.

    Randy Weber

    Two Texas Republicans Show Their Backsides

    Randy Weber

    Randy Weber

    When Texas talks about seceding from the union polls always show the rest of America seems to be happy to let them go. I am one of those people. Still, I realize that there are probably ramifications to that I have never thought of and it would be a rather flippant answer to an important event if Texas did secede. However when you see the behavior of Texas politicians, it does make one want to say, “if you want out Texas, don’t let the door smack you in the ass on the way out.” Yesterday the first politician to criticise Obama even before the State of the Union (SOTU) address was Rep. Randy Weber.

    He said on Twitter, “On floor of house waitin on “Kommandant-In-Chef”… the Socialistic dictator who’s been feeding US a line or is it “A-Lying?” Really? Kommandant-In-Chef instead of Commander and Chief to make fun of Obama’s job. How is that even funny, seems stupid to me. Is he comparing Obama to A-Rod because A-Rod lied about steroids and he thinks Obama is a liar? I’ll bet a large majority of Americans didn’t even get the reference. Of course this is straight out of the Republican playbook. Call someone a name instead of giving a well reasoned argument as to why you disagree with them. I suspect it’s because they don’t actually have a reason. They just hate Liberals and Obama on spec.

    Guess where Weber is from? You guessed it … Texas. (“Blame it on Texas” begins to play softly in the background)

    Then during the SOTU Rep. Steve Stockman walked out whining, “I could not bear to watch as he continued to cross the clearly-defined boundaries of the Constitutional separation of powers.” Really, a guy that belongs to the party that seems to want to make America a Christian theocracy is accusing Obama of violating the separation between church and state. Or is he just talking about the branches of government? Regardless, neither is true and Stockman offers up no proof. Stockman also is the guy that invited gun nut pants shitter Ted Nugent to last years SOTU.

    Guess where he Stockman is from? You guessed it again … Texas.

    Why is it that a high percentage of asshole politicians seem to be from Texas?

    Steve Stockman

    Steve Stockman

    Editor Note: Apologies to Austin, Texas which is a cool town. It’s the only city in Texas that knows a bong is a water pipe and not the sound a bell makes. h/t to social worker Jan Falk for reminding me about Austin.


    Trey Radel Resigns for Cocaine Possession Charge

    TreyRadelAs a liberal I take no satisfaction in the resignation of Trey Radel. As a person in recovery, I know that if he is serious about sobriety he can be an asset in his work even though it involves causes I vehemently disagree with. What does it say to other employers who have an addicted employee? Should they try and get them help, or discard them because they happen to have a disease? Yes, politicians should be held to a higher standard, the problem is the disease of addiction does not care what you do for a living. I hope Mr. Radel embraces recovery and is able to see the sunlight again.

    Often addiction is considered a stigma even though it has been considered a disease since the 1950′s. The “holier than thou” attitude of some of people on this subject is sickening. You’d think Radel was a thief, adulterer, or serial killer. In fact, he has a disease. God forbid it happens to someone you love. Let’s see how quick someone is willing to judge another person that is close to them. I have read many comments on message boards that clamored for his resignation and questioned his sentence of probation. As a former counselor who had many dealings with clients on probation, I can tell you that receiving probation for a first time offense of a small amount of cocaine is not unusual. Moreover, I am a person who believes in treatment for nonviolent drug charges instead of incarceration.

    Some have also questioned how he could vote for drug testing of welfare recipients when he is using cocaine himself. I could talk about how Radel is following the Republican playbook which he is. But it’s simpler than that. Because he is an addict he does not think rationally. Addicts live a life based on who they think they are, not who they really are. It’s a fantasy. So trying to assign motives to Radel’s behavior is impossible. His brain does not work normally. The more we find out about the brain, the more we can see that addiction is a brain disease.

    When it does happen to someone close to you, unfortunately you have the inclination to become sick yourself. It’s called codependence. Here is a good definition of codependency from Wikipedia.

    Codependency is defined as a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (typically narcissism or drug addiction); and in broader terms, it refers to the dependence on the needs of, or control of, another. It also often involves placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others. Codependency can occur in any type of relationship, including family, work, friendship, and also romantic, peer or community relationships. Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or control patterns.Narcissists are considered to be natural magnets for the codependent.

    This often leads to enabling which appears as help for the addicted person, but in fact helps perpetuate the cycle of the disease. Al-Anon is a great resource for friends and families of addicts. Many believe it is for the person to understand their loved ones addiction. However, it is actually for the codependent person to help them deal with their issues like enabling.

    For the addict Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can be an important resource. Some are critical of AA due to the fact that a low percentage of AA members actually achieve lifetime sobriety. But this is the wrong measurement to dissect the efficacy of AA. The question should be does your life get better when you attend AA and the overwhelming answer is yes. AA would disagree with me, but it is harm reduction in actual terms, not a path to lifetime sobriety.

    The good news for the Radel family is that at least he at first he appears contrite. He quit his job, states he is going to rehab, and has apologized for his behavior. It’s a good start. However, many times the path to sobriety is long and hard with numerous setbacks that can leave a family shattered. Education and treatment can help the addict and the family be more prepared for such events. I wish them all good luck and remember, it really is one day at a time.


    Maybe the Blue Jackets Are For Real

    BlueJacketsCelebrateAbout a month ago I wrote a post asking if the Blue Jackets would make the NHL playoffs. Well it’s a month later and the answer to that question is looking more positive. The Jackets have won eight games in a row and if the season ended today they would be playing the New York Rangers in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Many factors seem to be responsible for the Blue Jackets turn around.

    I believe the most important element has been the return of goalie Sergei Bobrovsky. Since his return he has not lost a game and has a save percentage of .938. I can tell that when he’s in net the team plays with more confidence. It’s almost a kind of swagger. Even if they get down a goal or two, they appear to look at it as a small setback and continue their style of play until they retake the lead.

    Since Nathan Horton finally has made his first start for Columbus, he has had 4 goals and three assists and seems to be the superstar the Blue Jackets had hoped he would be. In addition, his return has seemed to fired up the rest of the squad.

    After Jack Johnson was left off of the U.S. Olympic team he has played like a man with his hair on fire. If a spot opens up on the Olympic team, the powers that be would do well to select Johnson.

    The rest of the NHL has taken notice. Craig Custance of ESPN believes the Jackets are for real and will make the playoffs. ESPN also has the Jackets ranked 16th in the NHL and said the following after their sixth win.

    Don’t look now, but the Blue Jackets have won six in a row and own the second wild-card spot in the Eastern Conference. Kudos to Todd Richards for getting this team on the right track after early-season struggles.

    Here are the other national rankings for the Jackets as of today 1/24/2014.

    SB Nation: 10th place (Last week: 15) 15th (Last week: Not ranked out of 16)

    TSN: 15th (Last week: 17)

    CBS Sports: 13th (Last week: 22)

    Fox Sports: 19th (Last week: 23)

    Average ranking: 15th

    As well as the team has played, they seem to know they cannot become complacent. Brandon Dubinsky said,

    “It’s a dogfight. We know what happens when you don’t get enough points,” Dubinsky said. “Relentless is a good word to use right now.”

    I heard a funny comment on one of the TV broadcasts of the Jackets. An announcer said that the Jackets had to be careful not to take the team they were playing lightly. In all of the years I have been following the Blue Jackets, taking a team lightly was never a thought. The Blue Jackets now control their own destiny. Here’s hoping they can make it materialize.


    How Hard Is It?

    BabyStupidHow hard is it really? How hard is it to stop the Republicans from making incredibly stupid statements that would get most sane people a trip to the mental ward? I’m not talking about the climate deniers, the intelligent design crowd, or the right to lifers. I’m not even talking about the gun nuts, the conspiracy theorists, or the Obama is a Muslim conglomerate. No, I’m talking about the bat shit crazy morons who spout invectives that would make a monkey scratch his nuts. Folks like Louie Ghomert, John King, and that idiot racist interviewed by Aasif Mandvi on the Daily Show. Yesterday we had three of these zombies make statements that are surreal.

    Our number one zombie is Ted Nugent who called the president a “subhuman mongrel.” This from a man who used to dance around in a loincloth screaming like a wild deranged neanderthal while slamming on his guitar like he really knew how to play the damn thing. He like others of his ilk want Obama impeached. The problem is, they never tell you why. That’s because they don’t know. Seasoned Republicans know he has done nothing to be impeached for, so they keep their mouths shut.

    Zombie number two is Fundamentalist Christian pastor Robert Jeffress, who says that Obama is getting us ready for the arrival of the anti-Christ. He has based his conclusions on … wait for it … wait for it … the Affordable Care Act. Holy shit Batman. I thought the ACA was about insurance for people without it. If I had known it would bring about the end of times, I would have probably tried to vote for Obama twice. I mean who doesn’t want to be around for the end of times. The end of times may be near, but it will have more to do with humans screwing up the environment than a simple health care law. Evidently God and the Republican party do not need health insurance.

    Our final zombie is a Michigan county official named Brooks Patterson who actually said, I’m really not kidding here, he said, “What we’re gonna do is turn Detroit into an Indian reservation, where we herd all the Indians into the city, build a fence around it, and then throw in the blankets and the corn.”

    Here is a comment I made on Raw Story:

    I believe we should put all of the Native Americans in Detroit and build a fence around them. You know, like a prison even though they’ve committed no crime except being the object of a genocide. We should also put barbed wire around the fence and armed guards in the watchtowers. Or we could just put all fat white red faced ignorant male racists behind a fence. Although Detroit probably wouldn’t be big enough to hold them all. We’d probably have to use Toledo as well.

    I thought it was interesting that besides the complete stupidity of the plan, Patterson said he would “herd” all of them as if they were cattle.

    Of course, these statements do not represent the normal crackpots of the Republican party, but here’s my problem. Where is the denouncement of these offensive remarks? The supposed rational element of the Republican party appears silent. Does their silence signify agreement? Or are they scared little chicken shits afraid to ruffle the feathers of those in the base who also believe in such fantasies? Either way, it’s only their party that suffers as right thinking people continue to turn states from red to blue. I ask the question of speaker John Boehner, how hard would it be to tell these miscreants to shut the hell up or leave the Republican party?

    Trickle Down Economics Doesn't Work